Whether you have full Council approved plans or your eye on a piece of land that you can picture your dream home on, ‘Creativity is in our genes’, we offer a unique service to help our customers gain the very best from their ideas/pre-drawn future homes, we guide our customers into gaining the very best from their piece of land and or property, we will assess your needs/wants/uses & requirements for your family home….who will use what space & when…. to sizes, orientation, sunrises/sunsets, and best use of space. The modern world offers us ingenious materials & features for creativity & individuality, to aid the goal of achieving your desired living environment.

We can build to your precise supplied plans, we can tweak them for an enhanced living experience or we can instruct & work alongside our in-house architect on achieving your ideals, gain you planning permission with the local council and turn them into fruition.

At Collett Construction we value the “flow” of an individual new build home.  The “flow” relates to how the design, features, and surrounding land co-habitat with one another, based on the client’s personality.  Our staff and resources will ensure that your decisions and selections collaborate to achieve the goal that we all set out to accomplish.

Collett Construction offer our clients exceptional service and products.  

We’ve created a better bepsoke home building experience.